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The Shop

Hole in the Wall is not a "small" shop! THINK!! Hole in the Wall is the BARREL of a WAVE!!!!

As of May 11, 2005 WE ARE PROUD TO SAY WE HAVE BEEN OPEN FOR 1 YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

This shop is LOCALY owned & operated by Vero Beach Graduates!

If you put our(owners Jason & Kristi) time lived in this town together , we have 55+yrs. Locally!!- I won't tell how old we are but we both graduated before 1995.

Jason has been surfing all his life since he was 3/4 years old.

(over 31yrs)

We have a surf team & we will be having more contests soon!!!


 This Picture: Teamer PAT HALL

We are here for you!

We are about doing what we can for the kids in this town. My husband Jason has tried for the past 15yrs to get this town to build something for the kids to do i.e., SKATEPARK!!!!

We even brought Tony Hawk to town for a sk8 demo on VBHS property a few years back!(quite a few!)

We have a grades program for the kids as well!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teamers: Want to join? Email us on the home page!

Marissa Guthrie                   Jason Rudiger(owner)

Bill Stanley                           Chris Davis

Billy Rebenauer                    R.B. Blanton

Pat Hall                               

Hole in the Wall=BARREL